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FOR NETSCAPE 4.5+ e 4.06+
It seems that nolce 1.9.2 doesn't work with Communicator 4.5+ and 4.06+. You can try to substitute line 409 of main.c with this one:
cont += (59 + strlen (file));
Nolce (Netscape's Off Line Cache Explorer) is a Linux program I've written which allows an off-line navigation of Netscape Navigator cache files. It adjusts their names and links in order to make references to local documents and images working.
Pages have the same aspect of those viewed on-line.
So with nolce it's possible to view with calm, or to save, pages downloaded during Internet connections.

The program was developed and tested under Linux, but I think it should work also on other unix-es.

Nolce can also process cache files created by Netscape for Windows, when their partition is mounted under Linux.

Current version is 1.9.2
This version compiles and works clearly on glibc based systems, like Redhat 5.0 Linux. 
Non html files are now really copied under the destination directory, so retrieved pages are completely indipendent from Netscape's cache. Symbolic links can still be used with the new -k switch.
The tar.gz package doesn't contain more an executable, because it's impossible to get one of it working on all different Linux distributions.

If your browser doesn't support frames, click here for documentation. 

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